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Anonymous said: Just a thought (because your Alfer plush is absolutely unreal in terms of quality and all-round appeal), have you thought at all about making some of the other Alfreds? I mean, I'm not sure how much of a Playhouse fan you are, for all I know it could've been a one-off, but I think you'd make a great Dictator Pickles, or necrophile (Lucifer?) or even Schoolgirl Alfred. Maybe even Labby? Brilliant job with him, by the way! I'd buy him in a heartbeat if I saw him in a store, no questions asked!

Really?? Wow I’m glad you think so!! I wouldn’t say I’m the most die-hard Playhouse fan, but I do think the series is rather phenomenal at portraying a character with dissociative identity disorder, especially considering it’s all made by one fucking person. I mean really, that’s some impressive shit.

But I will also tell you this. It did cross my mind to try my hand at the other Alfreds! Who knows? I might give it a shot one day! But if I do, I would likely use the plushies as prizes or something like that rather than selling them. I don’t think I could bring myself to sell Alfred plushies because I did not create him. However, if there was a way I could split the funds with Emily Youcis, I might consider it.

Also thanks again for the compliments! Gosh, I’m just blushing over here. I’m just so glad that you like him!

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Oh yeah, and as far as that tutorial goes, I will be sure to take pictures along the way and make that tutorial the next time I make a plush. It won’t be the one I’m working on now since I’m already kind of halfway done with it, but the next one will be a step-by-step tutorial from idea to completed plush. I’ll even release the pattern that I used.

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Anonymous said: I would appreciate a plushie tutorial x10000 if you're still considering doing one. do you make your own patterns? i really struggle with those, so if you were looking for something specific then pointers on pattern creation would help a lot!!

Yes I do make my own patterns! I don’t blame you for struggling with them. I struggle with patterns most of the time too! Pattern making is something that I’ve found comes with time. You just have to keep trying new things and see what kind of outcome they have, like where to place darts and gussets. Try to do something new with every plush you make, and you’ll get a good idea of how to make patterns pretty quickly.

There is also another method of making patterns which involves sculpting a foam model and covering it in masking tape, then marking where you want the seams to be with a sharpie and cutting off the tape. The tape will create flat pieces that you can use as a pattern. This is the technique I used when making the  Alfred plush I recently posted. It’s very effective!

However, if you don’t have access to foam you’ll need to “freehand” the pattern, per say. I tend to do this most of the time because the foam I use is expensive, and I don’t want to waste it if I don’t need to use it. When making patterns with nothing but an idea of what you want the plush to look like, it is essential that you have something to measure with. a ruler or measuring tape or heck even a piece of string will do, just as long as you can gauge how long the edges of the fabric are. This is pretty much mandatory to ensure that your curved edges match up neatly to your straight edges, because nothing is more infuriating to me than to discover the hole for the head or arms or what have you is too small and I have the awkward bunching up of fabric where the seam ends.

And always draw out your plush first! by drawing your plush from different angles, you can start to understand the model better if you’re a visual person like me. And it makes it easier for you to get an idea of where you want to place the seams. It definitely helps me to plan things out a lot better.

That’s about all I can think of for now! Wow this answer got long fast. Please, if you have any more questions or there was something that you think I missed, don’t hesitate to ask me about it!

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Ew nooo they changed the recipe for the steak and cheese sub where I usually go to get food. Now it’s all gross and healthy. I want my grease back!

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Alfred Alfer plushie! This little fucker took me about a day to complete (I worked nonstop starting in the morning and finishing up early the next morning.) Made from Minky hand stitched/hand embroidered details yadda yadda yadda.

Now I know you may be thinking why would anyone want an Alfred plushie? A better question would be why wouldn’t you?? You can use it as a centerpiece! Wash your car with it! Stash your crack cocaine in it! Stick your dick inside of it! It’s also great for holding popsicles. You know, to catch the drippings. The possibilities are endless! The only limiting factor here is your sick, twisted imagination, you disgusting little fucks.

Reblog my post after you finish masturbating to it.

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should I do tutorials on how to make plushies?

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Anyone wanna guess what plush I’m making next?

Hint: It’s Alfred Alfer

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So I might be procrastinating sewing one thing by sewing another thing…

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I drew this gold dragon from D&D and people seem to like it so I wanted to post it here.

I drew this gold dragon from D&D and people seem to like it so I wanted to post it here.

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Finished embroidering one eye on my next project. The fingerstab counter is currently at 5.